Top 10 Vegan Cheese Culture UK – Cooking & Dining

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Penicillium Candidum Cheese Culture for The Production of White Mould on Brie & Camembert

GN LTD - Presented in a sterile pack containing enough monocultured P. Candidum to process 250-300 litres of milk. Unopened pack stores for 2 years in the freezer. For cheesemaking; to produce the white mould on the surface of Brie & Camembert.
ManufacturerGN LTD


Mesophilic Culture to Make Cheese, Cheese Culture

GN LTD - Makes over 30 batches of cheese! Simply mix with milk in accordance with the accompanying instructions. The culture 'ripens' the milk, rendering it acidic and in the correct form for the rennet to do its job - turning milk into curds and whey. Ideal for a range of soft and hard cheeses.
ManufacturerGN LTD

3. Country Trading Co.

Cheese Press Basket Moulds, Set of 3 for Home Cheesemakers, Quality Italian 1.5kg and 2 x 1kg Makers for Colby Gouda Cheddar Blue or DIY Organic Vegan Nut Cheese

Country Trading Co. - Perfect gift for cheese making beginners - whether you are a rookie or mastering the art of cheese-making recipe books at home - if you own this hard cheese mold kit you will have the best essential forms to create wedges and wheels of real blue hard and semi-hard cheeses to gift and impress your friends with homemade cheese boards - perfect for plant based dairy free cheeze too.

Money back guarantee - tested by artisan cheesemakers - buy with confidence - amazon prime delivery - fromage made your way - your choice of recipe, raw or pasteurised milk salt mesophilic culture animal or vegetable rennet utensils and ingredients to make healthy fresh cheese in your kitchen. Use the moulds professional cheese makers use - heavy duty reusable press baskets with precision drainage holes perfect for cheese styles including French Roquefort English Stilton Shropshire Blue or Colston Bassett - German Cambozola Creamy Blue Brie and cave aged Italian Fromaggio Gorgonzola piccante - mild Colby Edam Cheddar and Dutch Gouda. Versatile cheese press pack - 1 big and 2 medium bpa-free dishwasher safe easy clean quality plastic basket molds give cheese makers the equipment to make a set of 2 compact individual 500g wheels or a large 1.

5kg cylinder cheese - essential containers to mould and press curd products for a broad range of aged and waxed cheese styles and sizes. No complicated press with pressure gauges and springs - many cheeses can be made without an expensive cheese press by just using gravity to expel whey including blue cheeses white stilton with fruit paneer kefir cheese and queso blanco – add a plate as a follower and up to 4. 5kg of weights to press semi-hard and hard cheeses too - these solid base strainers can be used with or without cheese cloth to drain.
BrandCountry Trading Co.
ManufacturerCountry Trading Co.
Height15 cm (5.91 Inches)
Length16 cm (6.3 Inches)
Weight0.39 kg (0.86 Pounds)
Width15.5 cm (6.1 Inches)
Part Numberunknown
WarrantyMoney back guarantee.

4. Cheese and Yogurt Making


Cheese and Yogurt Making - Comes complete with full instructions. Cremoris, to ensure consistent results when cheesemaking. This freeze-dried culture contains a selected bacteria Lactococcus lactis subsp. The optimum production of cheddar, Brie, Jack, Stilton, Colby, Camembert, Brick, Blue and Feta cheeses.
BrandCheese and Yogurt Making
Weight0.99 kg (2.19 Pounds)
Part Number\Meso2

5. Natural Probiotic Selection

Yogurt Starter Cultures, Pack of 5 Freeze-Dried Culture Sachets for Authentic Bulgarian Yogurt5 sachets

Natural Probiotic Selection - Pure bacterial blend of cultures made in laboratory environment away from additives, maltodextrin, gluten and GMO. Use with all yogurt-making appliances. Suitable for vegetarians and SCD diet. Bulgaricus'' and ''Streptococcus thermophilus''. Contains live active bacteria like ''Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. One sachet is enough to make 1 quart of plain, slightly tart in taste yogurt and re-cultured after.
BrandNatural Probiotic Selection
ManufacturerNatural Probiotic Selection
Height8 cm (3.15 Inches)
Length7.5 cm (2.95 Inches)
Weight0.01 kg (0.02 Pounds)
Width0.01 cm (0 Inches)
Part NumberNatural Probiotic Selection

6. AlcoFermBrew

CHEESE CULTURE, 100L Milk, Lactoferm | Freeze Dried Culture | Cheese Ferment | Mixed Culture | Rennet | Cheese Bacteria | Lactic Acid Bacteria

AlcoFermBrew - Diacetylactis and Leuconostic cremoris. 10 ml for later use. This lactoferm cheese ferment contains special lactic acid bacteria Streptococcus cremoris, Streptococcus lactis, Streptococcus lactis subsp.

Acidifies the milk needed to prepare cheese, soft curd cheese and butter. For 1 litre culture / 100L of Milk. Content 5g. To prepare hard cheese, fresh cheese and/or soft curd cheese you also need Lactoferm rennet. 1 litre ‘mother culture’ is enough for acidifying 100 litres of milk! This mother culture can easily be frozen in small portions e. G. This cheese ferment can be used for fresh cheese, soft curd cheese, hard cheese and cream. Freeze dried culture of superior quality.

7. Country Trading Co.

Cheese Maker Mould Set of 5, Baskets for Making Ricotta Quark Cottage and Small Soft Goats Cheeses – Also Great for Paneer Press and Basic Vegan Cheeses – Made in Italy

Country Trading Co. - Create dairy free vegan almond soy and cashew cheese – this set of five moulds create a versatile range of small medium and large soft vegan ricotta and paneer cheeses from non dairy ingredients – also use large square basket lined with cheesecloth as a Vegan Greek Yoghurt strainer to make basic fresh coconut soy or pea protein yoghurt cheese for a lactose free animal free nutrition substitute.

Guaranteed or your money back – use the same cheese moulds the professionals use – now available for your kitchen use – Made in Italy from BPA Free plastic - approved FOOD SAFE for repeated contact use – easy to clean and well designed for making useful sized cheeses to give as gifts and make often at home. Make your own fresh ricotta cheese – boxed kit contains five different size baskets for straining and moulding soft fresh ricotta cheese with your choice of full fat low fat or even lactose free milk - also great press for making French goat chevre crottin and Camembert or ricotta salata cheese – easy clean and no more leftover curds – have five moulds to use. Buy with organic cheesecloth and cheesemaking recipe book – see our 82-page color recipe book “how to make soft cheese” learn a dozen soft cheese recipes including ricotta Paneer Sour Cream Quark and Cottage Cheese and our Organic Cheesecloth – MAKE THE IDEAL COOK GIFTS BUNDLE with moulds recipe book and cloth for those starting their cheesemaking journey - all in plastic free artisan packaging.

Set of 5 quality cheese moulds made in italy – five versatile professional draining moulds for straining soft fresh cheese – 2 small round 300g 1 medium round and 1 medium square 450g - 1 large square 500g give a super useful collection of mould sizes – We use the small rounds as Ricotta maker the large round for making Sour Cream and Quark and the square as a Feta and Indian Paneer maker.
BrandCountry Trading Co.
ManufacturerCountry Trading Co.
Height11.8 cm (4.65 Inches)
Length12 cm (4.72 Inches)
Weight0.11 kg (0.24 Pounds)
Width11.8 cm (4.65 Inches)
Part NumberMPNRE0035
WarrantyMoney back guarantee.


Cheesemaking, Rennet 5x1g for Home Cheese Making 1200, 1g=10l of Milk Sufficient for 500L of Milk 50kg of Cheese Powder, Cheese Culture, Home Made

AK BIOWIN - Product vegetarian. Dairies rennet. Microbial rennet is a enzymatic specimen obtained by controlled fermentation special strains of Rhizomucor miehei.

9. AlcoFermBrew

Cheese Culture, Animal Rennet, Animal Liquid Rennet 100ml, Liquid Rennet, Chloride Calcium, Lipase, Cheesemaking

AlcoFermBrew - Using this rennet we guarantee a great yield and a natural fragrance to the finished product. Kept well closed and in a cool and dark place, milk acidity and the technology used.

Animal liquid rennet 100ml – is prepared naturally by abomaso frozen and controlled. We extract the contents of the chimasics present in gastric mucosa and to obtain a clear, oily color liquid with a good amount of chemosine. The quantity needed is about 20 g two large spoons for every 20 litres of curdled milk brought to the coagulation temperature of about 36° C. This quantity can be varied according to temperature, marzolino, crescenza, mozzarella, robiola, toma, sweet and seasoned pecorino, fresh or seasoned cheeses. We recommend this kind of rennet for the preparation of: caciotta, goat cheese, sweet caciocavallo, does not suffer significant leakage of coagulant activity.
ManufacturerVik Cheese
Part NumberA-1

10. GN LTD

Cheese Culture Mesophile Aroma B for The Production of a Variety of Soft Cheeses

GN LTD - Added to the milk to 'ripen' it making it ready for cheese formation. For the production of soft cheese, sour cream, goats cheese, cultured butter, cottage cheese, fermented buttermilk and fresh cheeses in general. When used in combination with rennet, batch after batch of fresh cheese can be made! Instructions provided with culture.
ManufacturerGN LTD