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1. Salter

Home/Kitchen Cooking, Add & Weigh, Stylish Slim Design, Measures Liquids/Fluids, 5Kg Capacity, Spun Stainless Steel Platform, Salter 1036 SVSSDR Disc Electronic Scale, Digital Weighing, Silver/Chrome

Salter - Quickly convert your measurements by tapping the unit button at any time to switch between metric grams g and imperial ounces oz or pounds lbs, you can even measure out your water, oil, milk or any other liquid in millilitres ml.

The key to any scales is accuracy. Perfect your favourite recipes and wow your friends and family with cooking and baking made from perfectly measured ingredients. Salter digital kitchen scales are built with the highest precision of sensors and an LCD display that's clear and easy to read, so you can weigh your food and ingredients accurately. Maybe you're baking a cake, or tracking your nutrition and counting your calories it allows you to measure everything you need with ease.
ManufacturerUltimate Products Ltd
Height0.83 cm (0.33 Inches)
Length7.09 cm (2.79 Inches)
Weight0.63 kg (1.39 Pounds)
Width6.3 cm (2.48 Inches)
Part Number1036 SVSSDR
Model1036 SVSSDR

2. Salter

Salter Arc Digital ABS Platform Kitchen Scales, Precise Food Weighing & Slim Design For Compact Storage, Black, LCD Display, Zero Add & Weigh For Multiple Ingredients In The Same Bowl

Salter - With an elegant design, this digital scale is compact for quick and easy storage even in the most compact of kitchens. Suitable for use with any bowl or container, up to 3kgs of ingredients can also be weighed straight onto the easy clean ABS platform.

Measure everything with ease thanks to the Salter Arc Digital Scales, with a CR2032 battery included so you can get cooking right away. These scales have high precision sensors for accurate and reliable readings and is complete with an easy read clear LCD display. Making cooking and baking smoother; the add & weigh zero function allows multiple ingredients to be weighed in the same bowl. Note: ensure scale is on a flat stable surface and zeroed before use.
ManufacturerFKA Brands Ltd
Height17.8 cm (7.01 Inches)
Length18 cm (7.09 Inches)
Weight0.38 kg (0.83 Pounds)
Width2.5 cm (0.98 Inches)
Part Number1066 BKDR15
Model1066 BKDR15

3. Salter

Stainless Steel Platform, Measures Liquids/Fluids, Salter 1241A BKDR Premium Evo Electronic Scale, Add & Weigh, Baking, 6 Kg Max Capacity, Hygienic/Easy Clean, Black, Kitchen Cooking , Ultra Slim

Salter - Hygienic and easy to clean, the stainless steel platform can be easily wiped clean after use, even measure your dry ingredients straight on.

The add and weigh feature allows you to conveniently add multiple ingredients into the same bowl, saving time on washing up. Designed with the user in mind, the kitchen scale can be stored away after use thanks to the slim design and has a 6 Kg max capacity. Measure liquids with accuracy with the aquatronic function, no need for a measuring jug, simply add straight to wet or dry ingredients. Accurate and precisely weigh ingredients for delicious recipes with the Evo Electronic Scale from Salter, perfect for baking fun.
ManufacturerUltimate Products Ltd
Height2.2 cm (0.87 Inches)
Length18 cm (7.09 Inches)
Weight0.55 kg (1.22 Pounds)
Width16 cm (6.3 Inches)
Part Number1241A BKDR
Model1241A BKDR

4. Salter

Salter 1068 SSBKDR Ultra Slim Electronic Kitchen Scale, Easy Clean, Measures Liquids, Grams & oz. for Baking & Cooking, Stainless Steel Platform, Black stainless steel, Backlit Display, Add & Weigh

Salter - Weigh directly on the platform or weigh with own mixing bowl – suitable for use with most bowls or containers. Ultra slim design with stainless steel platform - hygienic and easy to clean. Easy to read LCD display. Add and weigh ‘zero’ function – allows for measurement of multiple ingredients in the same bowl. Aquatronic function - for measuring liquids in ml or fl. Oz.
ManufacturerUltimate Products Ltd
Height2.2 cm (0.87 Inches)
Length23 cm (9.06 Inches)
Weight0.31 kg (0.69 Pounds)
Width16 cm (6.3 Inches)
Part Number1068 SSBKDR
Model1068 SSBKDR
Warranty15 years.

5. Salter

Hidden Until Lit Display, Measures Liquids/Fluids, 1.8 litre Dishwasher Safe Bowl, Max 5 Kg, Cooking , Pouring Lip, Salter 1074 BKDR Electronic Digital Kitchen Scale, Black, Baking, Add & Weigh

Salter - Including a 18 litre dishwasher-safe bowl with pouring lip and aquatronic function, effortlessly measure liquids and fluids while baking.

Bake and have fun in the kitchen with the Vega Electronic Kitchen Scale from Salter, measure your favourite tasty ingredients easily. With a maximum capacity of 5kg, you can use the scale for all your baking and measure with or without the bowl to suit your preference. Add and weigh multiple ingredients from your recipes into the same bowl, saving time on washing up and more time baking treats. Sleek and stylishly designed, the digital kitchen scale has a hidden till lit display which is easy to read showing in imperial/metric.
ManufacturerUltimate Products Ltd
Height11.5 cm (4.53 Inches)
Length20.3 cm (7.99 Inches)
Weight0.7 kg (1.54 Pounds)
Width25 cm (9.84 Inches)
Part Number1074 BKDR
Model1074 BKDR

6. Heston Blumenthal Precision

Measures Liquids, Stainless Steel/Black, 0.5 g Increments, Add & Weigh, Heston Blumenthal Precision by Salter 1140A HBBKDR Premium Digital Precision Kitchen Scale, Slim, 5 Kg Capacity, Backlit Display

Heston Blumenthal Precision - Add, weigh multiple ingredients into the same bowl, saving time on washing up and making your baking time quick and hassle-free. Perfect for weighing yeast for pizza dough or your morning coffee beans, this electronic kitchen scale is ideal for baking and cooking.

With a stainless steel platform, the digital scale is hygienic and easy to clean; weigh your ingredients straight onto the platform. The large backlit display is shown clearly in metric or imperial measures on the screen without being covered by your mixing bowl. Excellent and accurate, the precision Kitchen Scale from Heston Blumenthal Precision by Salter is a kitchen must have for everyone.
BrandHeston Blumenthal Precision
ManufacturerUltimate Products Ltd
Height8.58 cm (3.38 Inches)
Length6.69 cm (2.64 Inches)
Weight0.52 kg (1.15 Pounds)
Width1.93 cm (0.76 Inches)
Part Number1140 HBBKDR
Model1140 HBBKDR

7. Salter

Stylish Glass Design, Red Easy Read Display, Black, Measures Liquids & Fluids, Metric/Imperial, Cooking Scale for Home/Kitchen, Add & Weigh Function, Salter 1150 BKDR Digital Kitchen Scales

Salter - Add and weigh multiple ingredients into the same bowl for super quick food preparation, helping to save time on washing up afterwards.

Stylish and slim in design, the scale fits neatly into any cupboard or drawer for quick and easy storage and wiped clean once used. Measure ingredients into your mixing bowl or straight onto the glass platform with this Digital Kitchen Scale from Salter. Featuring an aquatronic function, wine, from milk, water, the scale measures liquids and fluids easily and accurately, stock and more. The glass digital scale has an easy to read display and are able to switch between metric/imperial measures to suit your preferences.
ManufacturerUltimate Products Ltd
Height1.57 cm (0.62 Inches)
Length9.84 cm (3.88 Inches)
Weight0.01 kg (0.02 Pounds)
Width7.28 cm (2.87 Inches)
Part Number1150 BKDR
Model1150 BKDR

8. Salter

Add & Weigh, Imperial/Metric, Salter 1240 SSDR Geo Digital Kitchen Scales, Electronic Food Weighing, Touch-Sensitive, Silver, LCD Display, Easy Clean, Stainless Steel Cooking Scale

Salter - Featuring touch-sensitive buttons, the scale has a fingerprint-proof stainless steel platform that is simple and easy to use. Suited to the user, you can change between imperial or metric measures to suit your preferences by the touch of a button.

Sleek and elegantly designed, the Geo Digital Kitchen Scale from Salter is a perfect addition to any kitchen collection and gadgets. Designed with the user in mind, the easy read backlit display and add & weigh function allow weighing multiple ingredients in one bowl. No need for a measuring jug with the aquatronic function, enabling accurate measuring of liquids from milk and cream to wine.
ManufacturerUltimate Products Ltd
Height21.5 cm (8.46 Inches)
Length19.5 cm (7.68 Inches)
Weight0.55 kg (1.21 Pounds)
Width4.8 cm (1.89 Inches)
Part Number1240 SSDR
Model1240 SSDR

9. Salter

Salter Cupcake Digital Kitchen Scale, Limited Edition

Salter - Add & weigh: need to measure larger quantities of mixed ingredients at the same time? Use the add & weigh function for super quick food prep. There’s even an Aquatronic function for liquids. Accuracy at it's finest - salter digital kitchen Scales are built with high precision sensors and a clear easy to read LCD display so you can weigh your food accurately and up to a high capacity.

Multiple functions: quickly convert your measurements by tapping the UNIT button at any time to switch between grams, pounds or even milliliters. The uk's no. We back them with a 15 year guarantee. 1 brand for kitchen scales: salter Housewares began in 1760 and has continued to grow within the housewares business.

Large lcd - our cupcake design is perfect for bakers and the large, easy to read display means you're able to read your ingredient measurements quickly - no more squinting. Along with your brand-new set of digital kitchen scales, imperial ounces, we provide you with a battery to get you started.
ManufacturerUltimate Products Ltd
Height22.5 cm (8.86 Inches)
Length2 cm (0.79 Inches)
Width16 cm (6.3 Inches)
Part Number1171 CPDR
Model1171 CPDR

10. Salter

Salter 1009 BKDR Black Marble Electronic Kitchen Scale, Add , 8 Kg Max Capacity, Glass Platform, Easy to Read, Weigh, Measures Liquids/Fluids, Digital Circle Scale, Touch-Sensitive Buttons

Salter - The easy read display has a large LCD screen to read measurements with ease and the slim design means the scale can be stored neatly. Boasting a touch sensitive surface, you can change the units from imperial to metric to suit your preferences and to ‘zero’ the scales.

Featuring an add, you can add multiple ingredients in the same bowl when baking up to 8 Kg, weigh function, saving time on washing up. No need for a measuring jug, the kitchen scale has an aquatronic feature allowing the scale to precisely weigh liquids and fluids. Elegantly designed with a stunning marble finish, the glass Black Marble Electronic Kitchen Scale from Salter provides accurate readings.
ManufacturerUltimate Products Ltd
Height2 cm (0.79 Inches)
Length18.5 cm (7.28 Inches)
Weight0.39 kg (0.87 Pounds)
Width18.5 cm (7.28 Inches)
Part Number1009 BKDR
Model1009 BKDR